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RN Utility Sales, Inc. offers customers a streamlined ordering process for all electrical, industrial, transportation, construction, and safety product needs. RN is especially knowledgeable and experienced in the electrical and power industry.  We offer the best products for your electrical infrastructure.  RN is a major supplier of steel, industrial, and tool products for the New York/New Jersey railway transportation industry.  In addition, RN Utility Sales provides products for all industrial and construction projects of any scale.

Look no further to support your project plans. Purchase quality materials and have them delivered on time with RN.  The personal touch and prompt service of our sales staff will exceed your expectations. RN Utility Sales, Inc. has long-term relationships with some of the most reputable manufacturers of electrical, industrial, construction, and safety products. At RN, safety is our #1 priority.  Our staff stays current on all safety standards and guidelines. We will work together with you to meet your company’s safety needs.

Any questions about a product you need, just contact RN. 

Tap into our expertise and let RN Utility Sales serve your business and keep your projects moving!



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Huskie Tools is the #1 choice of experienced linemen who know and trust the brand that introduced battery-powered hydraulic tools.

For 45 years we have been developing and building the broadest, most durable and dependable line of battery-powered hydraulic cutting and compression tools in the utility industry.

Huskie Tools delivers battery powered hydraulic tools that work with multiple leading battery platforms; Makita®, Huskie Tools® and now Milwaukee®.

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Buck it organization your way!
The first ever modular storage tool system for your bucket truck; 2 years in development; patent pending. AVAILABLE NOW!!! On the Buckingham website

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Stauffer Trackman leather gloves are the ultimate cut resistant work gloves for any type of job, featuring ANSI Cut Level A4, Puncture Level 4, Arc Flash 4 ratings.

Stauffer Trackman safety gloves were designed with workers’ exact specifications in mind. They can be used in various work environments as electrical safety gloves, cut resistant gloves, general leather utility gloves, and more.

Finding a glove that seamlessly combines top-notch safety and superior comfort with outstanding quality control can be challenging. Still, keeping your workers safe means providing cut resistant safety gloves that are so comfortable, workers don’t want to avoid wearing them.

Luckily, with Stauffer Trackman gloves for electrical work (and more), you can provide your workers with the best without breaking your budget. Trackman cut resistant gloves combine safety, comfort, quality, and affordability.

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Contain, Lift, Transport & Store Oil-Leaking Equipment With ABG’s BOB® Pole-Mounted Transformer Bags! ABG has developed multiple products to solve safety and environmental issues with electric utility linemen, including the Original, Multi-Use Pole and Pad-Mounted ABG TCB® Transformer Bags.

The partnership between ABG and linemen over the years has now resulted with the release of our latest product, ABG BOB®. ABG BOB® is our Single-Use, economically priced, Pole-Mounted Transformer Bag solution for the electric utility industry.



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